#ImAfricanBornIn is designed to help spark a global public conversation to bring us, as people of the African Diaspora, closer together and closer to Africa.

Because re-connecting with each other, with Africa, and with our cultural heritage are crucial steps along the road to destroying the anti-Black narrative that has burdened and limited us for centuries.

Grounded in the lie that everything African is inferior, the anti-Black narrative has dominated the world’s consciousness for nearly 600 years,  following us everywhere we go and negatively affecting nearly every aspect of our lives.

It is well past time for us to develop a common global response to our common global challenges. The aim of #ImAfricanBornIn is to help pave the way to that common response.

1) Mark your calendars now to participate in this campaign.

2) Share this information with as many of your family and friends as possible and urge them to join the conversation.

3) During the week of May 20-26th:

a) Use the #ImAfricanBornIn logo as your profile picture;

b) Share the hashtag #ImAfricanBornIn as much as possible on your social media networks.

c) Share what it’s like to be African where you live.